December 2020
- C-82 / C-119 Flying Boxcar page updated.
- A NOTE TO FREQUENT USERS - Apologies the updates have not been as frequent
  this year as I have a very involved book project underway that has taken up much
  research time. There should be more updates in the new year.

March 2020
- B-24 Liberator page updated.
- B-25 Mitchell page updated.
- OH-6 Cayuse page updated.
- B-25J MSN Features Article updated.

February 2020

- F-4 Phantom II page completely revised and updated.

January 2020
- A-26 Invader page updated.
- PBY Catalina Page updated.
- C-82 / C-119 Flying Boxcar page updated.
- C-123 Provider page updated.

December 2019

- A-26 Invader page updated correcting all production data.
- JRF Goose / J4F Widgeon page updated.
- PBY Catalina page updated.
- Lockheed Twins page updated.
- A-6 Intruder page updated.
- C-123 Provider page updated.
- C-130 Hercules page updated into two sections: C-130A to C-130H and the C-130J.
- Huey Development page updated.

US Warplanes was originally published in 2002 using early Front Page Express software that nowadays
no longer meets the requirements of internet technology. This is a new and revised website completely
rebuilt from the ground up presenting both a refreshed but, at the same time, some of the old presentations.

New features include:

- A redesigned website base correcting all layouts with uniform fonts and headings throughout. The
  fonts are also slightly larger - to help us older folks out there, including me, ha!

- All aircraft are now presented as pdf files. Why? Simply it is more efficient for me to update word
  documents, convert to a pdf format and upload, rather than having to re-type updates into html pages.
  Additionally, the html tables were not well presented in a 16:9 format and were messy and difficult
  to read.

- All photos have been removed but these will be added back at a later date under a Photo Section
  yet to be designed.

- There is now a section called FEATURES in the menu bar that will include articles and other items
  of interest as they come to hand in the future.

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