I've made regular trips to Malaysia since 2000 to see family and friends. On each
trip I've made a photo record of aircraft and museums I've seen. The following
presentation of stills are a tiny selection of the aviation sites and aircraft that I've
photographed on these trips. All stills here were taken on my visit in July, 2011.

The excellent Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum in Kuala Lumpur,
a definite must-see attraction for any aviation fan visiting Malaysia.

The museum's hangar display features aircraft going back to the DH.82 Tiger Moth.

The museum has a large collection of aviation related equipment including airport fire trucks.

Grumman HU-16B Albatross (M35-01 / c/n: G-451), is an ex-RCAF variant with s/n: 9303.

McDonnell Douglas A-4PTM Skyhawk (M32-30 / c/n: 12324).

The Skyhawk squadron emblem on A-4PTM s/n: M32-30.

DeHavilland-Canada DHC-4 Caribou (M21-04 / c/n: 248).

This Bell Model 47G-2 (M26-08 / c/n: 1959), is in excellent condition.

Northrop F-5E Tiger II (M29-12 / c/n: R-1149), is ex-USAF s/n: 74-1457.

Australian built F-86 Sabre Mk. 32 (FM1905 / c/n: CA27-105), is marked as "FM1907".
The ex-RAAF s/n: A94-365 can be seen stencilled on interior panels.

A catchy squadron emblem design on Avon Sabre Mk. 32 s/n: FM1904 (c/n: CA27-104).

Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer CC.Mk. 1 (FM1064 / c/n: 583), is now a park display item in Malacca.

A stored Boeing 747-200B (TF-ATZ / c/n: 24088/697), located at the old KLIA airport in Subang, Kuala Lumpur.

Air Asia Airbus A340 at Kuala Lumpur Intl. Airport sporting an "Oakland Raiders" livery.

Something of a rare sight now, a Boeing 737-200 (9M-PMW / c/n: 24197/1581), with non-hush
kitted JT8D engines. This aircraft was the second to last classic-era 737 to be built.

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